Black and white photo of Jewelry designer, Andréa Banks

I’ve always been a little awkward, made some strange fashion choices, and said a little too much. If I couldn’t find the clothes I wanted to wear I made them, turned coasters into earrings, and crafted intricate necklaces from patterns in beading magazines.

I decided to take a metalsmithing class after moving to Chicago. Something clicked, and Banks Designs was born. From statement to the everyday, I focus on making timeless pieces that don't sacrifice originality. I touch every piece that leaves my studio. As this is currently a one woman show, you can rest assured that I'm intimately involved in every aspect of design and production, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

My goal is to build Banks Designs as ethically as possible so I work to source ethical stones, recycle scrap, and work with other small businesses in the industry.  

It's an honor to share this work with you.