Picture of a blue sky with clouds and a bit of tree


I’ve been meaning to update the blog for a while. I’d wake up, have coffee or tea, stare at the screen… but the words didn’t come. There’s plenty to say, but where to start? Everything’s been a little jumbled in my head. Running this way and that with thoughts racing at 2am. I felt disengaged. Sitting at the bench staring at rocks with lifeless hands. So I took a break.

The body needs rest. Slowly I slid back into routine. Leaning into activities I took for granted, and forgot when life picked up. Taking small walks and watering plants. Doing laundry, cooking, and eating three meals a day. Taking the time to notice stiffened shoulders, or a clenched jaw. Doing nothing for nothing’s sake. Sitting. Silent. Then out from the silence emerges a voice. Faint but growing in presence, and I realize it’s me. Not the critical eye, worry, or comments from outside forces. But the curious, determined, and hopeful one I find myself grasping for in the dark.

So here I am. Rested and ready with oiled joints. Becoming reacquainted with who I am and who I wish to be.

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